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From comprehensive inventories to risk assessment and tree valuation, we can offer solutions to the most complex problems

  • Expert Witness: We are well versed at resolving issues related to property line conflicts, construction damage, fire damage, land clearing and more.
  • Tree Appraisal: What is your tree worth? In addition to providing many ecosystem services trees also have quantifiable monetary value! We can help calculate the value of an individual tree or an entire forest.
  • Tree Risk Assessment: Some trees present a risk in the landscape and can become hazards if not properly maintained. We take a data-driven approach to provide our clients with all the information needed to make sound decisions.
  • Comprehensive Tree Inventories: Our inventories are GIS-based and fully customized to collect the data that you need! From tree-based data to management recommendations and tree value. We collect it all.

precision pruning

every cut counts

Pruning is an art and a science. All of our work is conducted in accordance with ANSI A300 and ISA industry standards. We make all the right cuts so that your tree will thrive long-term.

  • Structural Improvement: Pruning to promote the growth of a dominant central leader and correct structural defects by reducing the length of competing or defective branches. This process can improve tree health, extend the lifespan and mitigate risk.
  • Crown Cleaning: Pruning of dead, dying, damaged, diseased, cracked, broken, crossing or rubbing branches throughout the canopy to improve tree health and vigor.
  • Crown Raising: Selective pruning for vertical clearance. We typically aim for 10 ft. over buildings and parking stalls, 13 ft. over roadways, and 7 ft. over sidewalks and walkways to meet ADA compliance.

Safe Removals

Safety is our goal

From felling to sectioning and crane work. We have the experience and technical training to remove trees safely. All our removals are conducted in accordance with ANSI Z133 industry safety standards.

  • Precision Felling: Felling is often the safest and most efficient way to get a tree to the ground. We adhere to industry safety standards and procedures when felling trees, and if we are not completely confident in this approach we will recommend other options.
  • Rigging & Sectioning: If felling is not an option, due to placement or other limiting factors, sectioning or rigging a tree can be a cost effective and safe removal method.
  • Crane Removal: Some trees are hazardous and present unnecessary risk if felled or climbed. For these unique situations, we recommend the use of a crane to safely and efficiently remove your tree. 

Tree health care

Happy little trees

Injection and fertilization may not be what your tree needs. In fact, it may be detrimental! We have the education, training and equipment to help you get to the root of the problem – literally.  

  • Radial Trenching and Vertical Mulching: We use pneumatic excavation tools to modify soil composition within the critical root zone of the tree – without damaging tree roots! Our processes can alleviate compaction, improve aeration and encourage deeper root growth.
  • Root Collar Excavation: Trees that have been planted too deeply or have girdling roots may struggle to survive. We are experts at correcting these issues and can help your trees thrive.
  • Tree Injections: When properly applied, direct injections can be very effective at combating pests and diseases. Of course, with many other treatment options available, we can make sound recommendations to help you choose the best course of action for your unique situation.
  • Tree Fertilization: Do your maple trees have yellow leaves? Minor nutrient imbalances can have major effects on tree health! We collect soil samples to analyze and apply the exact nutrients each tree needs.

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